Finds and Favs

What I’ve bookmarked/pinned/loved this week:

30 Minute DIY Dress Tutorial

An amazing simply tutorial to DIY a cute dress with a tiny budget. I love that you can make it the length you want (I’m a tall girl and constantly have to walk away from adorable dresses because they make me look like I just stepped off a street corner). Another reason I need to find a sewing machine ASAP!

 DIY Paper and Linen Art from Bryn Alexandra

Another simple, low cost tutorial with high impact results. Bryn has amazing taste and this project is no exception. I love that this could be easily recreated in any colour scheme or size by visiting a local art store.

Beer Mac and Cheese - How Sweet It Is

The perfect way to ruin your plans for healthy eating this weekend, Easy Beer Mac and Cheese from How Sweet It Is will definitely be making it to my table this weekend. I may have to eat the whole thing since the boy is SUPER lactose intolerant…what a shame really. Tons of other amazing recipes on the site too if you’re looking for something less cheese heavy (but why would you be??? Just accept the cheesy goodness).

I know what I’ll be doing this weekend! Any other recommendations of great projects from the interwebs this week?

Happy Friday everyone!



A Blank Slate

I’m going through a phase right now where I want to get rid of everything I own. I feel a constant need to purge things out of my life. The office was the most recent room in the house to feel the effect of my new found minimalist aesthetic.

For the last year the office has been home to two different desks. One was a cheapo Ikea model, that did the job, sure, but not with any style. The other desk was an antique wooden number that was actually built by my great-grandfather’s company. It has sentimental value as well as that classic look that I love. And yet it never sees any action. So, yesterday I decided it was time to do something about the office. I dismantled the Ikea desk, got rid of all those papers and pens and newspaper clippings that accumulated over time, and moved the big desk front and center.

It’s still not perfect. I think my next project will be making a wire photo wall to replace the shoddy frames that currently house the Ork posters on the far wall – see here. I also want to figure out what to do about that giant mosaic frame that is currently empty. I am on the fence about whether I like it, and want it in the room, or if I want to move it somewhere else, scrap it all together…ah, decisions. Don’t even get me started on that monstrous chair. Sure, it’s comfy, but it pretty much takes over the whole space.

But I think right now the office is a bit of a blank slate and I am a million times happier that I can be blogging from this lovely antique desk, looking out the window at another beautiful day in Montreal.