Finds and Favs

What I’ve bookmarked/pinned/loved this week:

30 Minute DIY Dress Tutorial

An amazing simply tutorial to DIY a cute dress with a tiny budget. I love that you can make it the length you want (I’m a tall girl and constantly have to walk away from adorable dresses because they make me look like I just stepped off a street corner). Another reason I need to find a sewing machine ASAP!

 DIY Paper and Linen Art from Bryn Alexandra

Another simple, low cost tutorial with high impact results. Bryn has amazing taste and this project is no exception. I love that this could be easily recreated in any colour scheme or size by visiting a local art store.

Beer Mac and Cheese - How Sweet It Is

The perfect way to ruin your plans for healthy eating this weekend, Easy Beer Mac and Cheese from How Sweet It Is will definitely be making it to my table this weekend. I may have to eat the whole thing since the boy is SUPER lactose intolerant…what a shame really. Tons of other amazing recipes on the site too if you’re looking for something less cheese heavy (but why would you be??? Just accept the cheesy goodness).

I know what I’ll be doing this weekend! Any other recommendations of great projects from the interwebs this week?

Happy Friday everyone!



A Blank Slate

I’m going through a phase right now where I want to get rid of everything I own. I feel a constant need to purge things out of my life. The office was the most recent room in the house to feel the effect of my new found minimalist aesthetic.

For the last year the office has been home to two different desks. One was a cheapo Ikea model, that did the job, sure, but not with any style. The other desk was an antique wooden number that was actually built by my great-grandfather’s company. It has sentimental value as well as that classic look that I love. And yet it never sees any action. So, yesterday I decided it was time to do something about the office. I dismantled the Ikea desk, got rid of all those papers and pens and newspaper clippings that accumulated over time, and moved the big desk front and center.

It’s still not perfect. I think my next project will be making a wire photo wall to replace the shoddy frames that currently house the Ork posters on the far wall – see here. I also want to figure out what to do about that giant mosaic frame that is currently empty. I am on the fence about whether I like it, and want it in the room, or if I want to move it somewhere else, scrap it all together…ah, decisions. Don’t even get me started on that monstrous chair. Sure, it’s comfy, but it pretty much takes over the whole space.

But I think right now the office is a bit of a blank slate and I am a million times happier that I can be blogging from this lovely antique desk, looking out the window at another beautiful day in Montreal.

Etsy Friday’s – Moving Announcements

I can’t believe Friday is here already. I am trying to quell the panic about the move by browsing through Etsy. I am thinking about sending out a moving announcement, maybe to coincide with an invite to our housewarming party. Although at this rate the party won’t be held until June 2012, but a girl can dream. I do a little bit of designing in my spare time (check out my etsy store, sadly neglected these days but due for an update soon) and I am searching for inspiration. Here are some of my favorites, pulled from the talented sellers on Etsy. I think I may just end up ordering one of these, they are so beautiful! I wish I could afford them all.


We’re Moving Postcards by productsuperior (16$ for 8, 2$ each)

Oh letterpress. How I love thee. These cards are so cool, and have a nice masculine touch to counteract all the prints I keep buying for our house that involve the word love in some capacity. Sean would appreciate it, I am sure. It also contains my other fetish, text as graphics! Oh, text. And letterpress. All I need in my life.


Moving Announcements by greencard (40$ for 25, 1.60$ each)

Even more text! Even though this isn’t letterpress, it still does something for me. I like the humour in it, and it sounds very much like the emails I send out to my friends a million times a day. I like the idea of having something funny to send out. Plus I love the yellow envelopes with the simple white paper. Yellow is my new current thing, I got an amazing pillow at Target which I can’t wait to put up in my bedroom. Tangent, sorry. I really do love these announcements but I would need to think about what I would want to say that would fit our situation, and we all know how un-funny I can be when I am trying (see: this blog).


We’ve Moved Postcards by Ruff House Art (15$ for 12, 1.25$ each)

These postcards pretty much sum up my life right now. Boxes. Lots and lots of moving boxes. They just seem so appropriate (and the most economical). They also have that green/recycled vibe going on which we love so much. I think they are pretty creative and would stand out in the mail. However, I can picture my mother calling to ask why I left the tape on the postcard.


We’ve Moved Car Cards by Colorbutton(17$ for 12, 1.42$ each)

I love the car graphic on these cards. I also love the grey and yellow color combo. They are pretty affordable and come in any color you would like. I love these, but I am not sure if they really sit our style. But I think they would be great for lots of other movers out there!


Change of Address Photo Cards by b.originals (35$ for 25, 1.40$ each)

And now for something completely different – a photo card. This looks a little “save the date”-ish for me, but I still love it. I have a really cute picture of us from the beach that would be perfect for something like this. I just don’t know if it is a bit too much for the purposes of our move. What do you think?

I am going to keep trying to design something myself, but these options are just so amazing that I may end up ordering one..or two…if we can find space in the budget. What do you guys think? Is this a waste of money, or a nice way to welcome friends to our new house?

Hope you all get some sun this weekend. I will be trapped in a house of boxes and packing tape.


Etsy Friday Special Edition – Buy Local


I saw this posted on a few blogs this week, and I think it is such an important issue and a really great idea on how we can give back to our own communities. I know Fridays are usually my Etsy review day, but I thought I would get in the spirit of the shop local trend and do a review of a couple of great locally-owned stores in my hood – The west island area of Montreal. I know this project is based out of the US but I think it is applicable no matter where you live.


The Panier – Pointe Claire

I plan on visiting The Panier this weekend for my mother’s day shopping. It is one of those stores where you never know what you are going to find, from kitchen goods to jams to stuffed animals to books, not to mention jewelry and decorative items, they seem to carry a little bit of everything. I actually worked there when I was 17 or 18 and I loved it. Great place to spend some time wandering around in, especially since they have samples of their homemade fudge and cheeses out to try. They also deliver across Canada, at least for their well-known gift baskets.


Cooperative du Grand Orme – Ste. Anne de Bellevue

The co-op is a new endeavour in the cute little town of Ste. Anne, right on the water. They offer a wide variety of environmental alternatives, local and bulk products, books & magazines, local art and much more. Not only will you be shopping local and benefitting the economy, but you will also be helping the environment by using local products and craftsmen. Plus the store is in an adorable historic house converted into a shop. Check it out


They renovated the store along with the original owner of the house, trying to retain as much of the original character of the house as possible. It has lots of charm and is so much fun to browse around in. I highly recommend a visit.

There are lots of other great stores in the little villages around the West Island, not to mention downtown! Do some exploring and I am sure you will find all kinds of great treasures. Have a great weekend everyone!

Guess what arrived!


Guess what came in the mail on Friday! Yep, my very own bittersugar print. I am so excited, I immediately opened it and put it in my 9$ frame that I had bought last week at Winners just for this occasion.


Doesn’t it look beautiful?? I can’t wait to hang it up in the new house. It makes me sad to have all of these works of art sitting in a bag in my bedroom while they wait for the move, but they will be in their new home soon enough – 36 days!! Crazy!!


While I was taking the pictures my cat Shadow showed up to investigate, and while she looks quite vicious in this picture she is actually meowing at me in a friendly way, I promise. She is just my little Halloween cat and her sweetness doesn’t really translate into photos. But trust me, she is tiny and adorable. And clearly approved of my framing job!

In other news, packing has begun in earnest in our house, and the pile of boxes by the patio door is slowly growing. I think I need to learn how not to over load a box, since all of the ones so far feel like they way 400 pounds each. At least some progress is being made, since I have two trips planned in the next 5 weeks and that doesn’t leave too much time for packing! I can’t wait to be in the house (have I said that before??), this weekend is supposed to be 25 degrees here and sunny, for once, and I wish I was in the new place, sitting by the pool while Sean fires up the BBQ for dinner.

Letterpress Love

I am growing tired of the waiting…I want to be in our house already! It is dangerous for me to have so much time on my hands when buying stuff for the house is so much fun! Currently I am looking for art for our walls.

I have always loved letterpress anything, and this seems like a good opportunity to indulge. I sometimes think it would be worth having a big huge wedding simply to be able to purchase and send out all those amazing letterpress invites. Sadly, that is not in my near future (or budget) so I am looking into getting a print to go up in the new house. Here are my options:


Live What You Love by Hijirik

I am thinking of a grey, white and yellow scheme for the Master bedroom, and this print would be the perfect punch of color on top of a bureau or nightside table. I think waking up to a message like that would be a great way to start the day on the right foot. Plus, it is affordable (12.50$!!) so I could easily change it up if we got tired of the yellow.


Our Love is Here to Stay by enormouschampion

This print is just beautiful to me. I don’t know where I would put it, but I feel like it just would make such an impact in the house. I know it is a little cheesy, so maybe the bedroom or office upstairs. I love that gunmetal grey with the pop of red. The only problem is that it is 70$, a little out of my price range for art right now. I am hoping I can find the money in the budget for it somewhere before the limited edition of prints runs out!


Danger Zombies Run print by YeeHaw

On a completely different note, this print just kills me (get it? get it?). I don’t know what I would do with it, but I can picture it finding a home in the “man’s room” downstairs. Very apropos for the nights spent playing Left 4 Dead on Xbox live, I think. 15$ aint bad either! I think it might be a cute gift for Sean’s birthday, along with a new subscription so he can keep on keeping the world safe from those killer zombie Tanks!

il_430xn64597434 il_430xn63963970

Pretty much anything by bittersugar

Although I do love typography, I think these pretty prints from bittersugar would be great to add a pop of color and some visual interest to any of my rooms. They would be great leaned up against the wall on a bookshelf or hung in the hallway at the top of the stairs. And they are affordable! Around 20$ a pop makes my wallet happy.

There are just too many options out there for beautiful, wonderful wall art. I still need to get frames for my three Ork posters I ordered immediately after we signed the offer to purchase! I can’t wait to see them up on the wall, I am thinking the office. This waiting is driving me crazy! Hope you all had a great weekend, and hopefully get some time off for Easter or Passover this week.

More soon