Hidden Treasure

In an effort to make my house ready for winter, my boyfriend and I decide to tackle the insulation problems that seem to plague all the houses in my neighbourhood. Apparently insulation wasn’t all the rage in the 50s, because each year icicles the size of a teenager hang from my eaves. Finally last year the water back up seeped into the front of the house and I knew it was time to see what was going on in there.

As a first step we opened up the attic walls upstairs, which had been sealed for the last 5 decades as far as I could tell. Opening up the crawl space was an experience in itself, and I’ll be posting more about that later, but I thought I would share this little tidbit that we found when we opened up the back wall.

Isn’t it neat? I’m thinking it’s a vintage 50s tie rack. It’s in amazingly good shape, I guess since it’s been sitting untouched in the back of my attic for so long. I’m so curious about who used it originally and how it ended up here. I’m thinking it will be repurposed into a key holder by my front door? Or maybe a scarf hanger? I’m open to suggestions! I’ll clean it up and take some better pictures when it finds a real home.  Can’t wait to see what else I’ll discover in this house.

Have a nice weekend everyone.



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