The Pinterest Challenge: Summer Edition!

I’m assuming that unless you’ve been living beneath some sort of rock where there isn’t any wifi you’ve heard of Young House Love. YHL was one of the very first design/DIY blogs that I started reading, when I came across their DIY wedding post (they did it all in their backyard! There were lemon centerpieces and cupcakes!), and I’ve been hooked ever since. So when I saw that Sherry and some of her fantastic fellow bloggers were issuing a challenge, I decided that I would actually participate in something (cue every teacher I’ve ever had gasping in shock) and tackle the awesome Pinterest Challenge: Summer Edition.

You can watch the fantastically awkward video by clicking the challenge link above, but the gist of the challenge is pick one of the (in my case) hundreds of pins from your boards and instead of just exclaiming how gorgeous it is for the millionth time, actually make the project happen THIS WEEK! They want everyone to come back next Tuesday, August 2nd and post their completed projects (soooo much repining will be done on that day, I can hardly wait) for all to see.

So, I’m debating between a couple of projects. I’ll either tackle that grey and yellow duvet cover I’ve been talking about for years


Or maybe a DIY light fixture for my bedroom? No, that didn’t get done last weekend…quelle surprise.

But the frontrunner right now is a DIY roman shade

What do you guys think? Anyone else joining the challenge? The more the merrier! I’ll be back on Tuesday with my hopefully not disastrous results.


2 thoughts on “The Pinterest Challenge: Summer Edition!

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