Cottage Dreaming

Here in Montreal we’ve been going through a record breaking heat wave. Last Thursday the temperature got up to 38 C without the humidex – felt like a sweltering 48 when you counted that in. Have I mentioned that my old awesome house doesn’t have AC? Well, it doesn’t. All that to say, my progress on the big projects has stalled completely since I melt into a little puddle whenever I enter the front door. Puddles don’t get a lot of things crossed off a to-do list, let me tell you.

So instead of actually accomplishing things, I’ve been dreaming of lazy days in a cottage by a lake.


Days where I could wake up and drink my coffee on a porch swing


Read a novel sitting in an Adirondack chair on the end of a dock


Fall asleep curled up under an old patchwork quilt, listening to rain fall on a wooden roof


I’ve been using Pinterest to help foster these fantasies. My cottage inspiration board is rapidly filling up. This is where I want to be living right now.


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