Grey Deck Inspiration

I’ve been thinking about fixing up the deck in the backyard since I moved into this house. However, I didn’t realize that it was going to take me two years just to get the hang of keeping the pool clean and running. Now that I’m getting better at the science experiment that is my pool, I’ve been spending more time out in the backyard and the deck has become a top priority on my to do list.

I’ve power washed and cleaned the wood, which has already made a huge difference, but I can’t seem to pull the trigger on a stain colour. I’m going back and forth between staining it a classic light wood colour, like a pale blonde, or going with the bolder (well, bolder for me) option of staining it a cape cod grey.

I’m definitely leaning towards the grey because, as my house will show you, I love grey. My bedroom, office and kitchen are in various shades of grey with pops of bold colour and crisp white trim. I like the cohesiveness it provides and the neutral backdrop makes it easy to play around with my furniture and accessories. I’m thinking this would also happen with a grey deck, but I’m worried it might end up looking dull or dingy rather than crisp.

So, in need of inspiration, I’ve turned to Pinterest, my newest obsession. Here are some inspiration photos of beautiful grey decks. What do you think, modern and awesome or dull and depressing?? If you’d like to see what else is inspiring me, follow me on pinterest.

Source: via Christine on Pinterest


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