Etsy Friday – Get Cooking

Hi friends!

I am trying to make good on my resolutions for 2010, one of which was blogging more. Another one was to cook/bake more often rather than spending money on going out to a restaurant (related to the third, save some money!). So, to resurrect Etsy Friday, I am going to list the cooking related items I currently have my eye on.

Recipe Book by BethBee (15.95$)

This super cute recipe book has been on my Favorites list for quite some time. I love that it is simple and adorable, and that you can expand it easily by adding your own cards or upgrading the bindings.

Sweet Treats – A Typographical Cookbook – amandawoodward (20$)

Wait a minute, typography AND baking? My two favorite things, come together into one delicious (both the visuals and the recipes) package. I was lucky enough to receive this as a gift for Christmas and I can’t wait to try some of their recipes. Even if I don’t have time to bake, I love to flip through it and enjoy all the eye candy with none of the calories.

Pair of Birds Cupcake Stands – Whitney Smith (84$)

These beautiful cupcake stands would be the perfect thing to present the fruits of your labors in the kitchen. Simple, white and lovely – what more can a girl ask for? Please someone buy these for me for my birthday (it was Wednesday, but I promise I won’t be mad about the delay) 🙂

Cupcakes Make People Happy Print – YeeHaw (21$)

I just had to throw in some letterpress artwork. It wouldn’t be an MTLhome post without it! This pretty little print would be the perfect compliment to your kitchen and really make the party complete.

Happy shopping my dears! Hope you all have a great weekend. Looking forward to more and more posts this year.