Rainy Day Blues

It is finally here! My countdown is flashing a big zero and as of 3pm today I am free to move into the new house! We went over last night to do a preliminary visit. It was a little strange walking around the house all empty, seeing the refuse left over by the previous owner. So strange what people leave behind. We have lots of paint, tools, even a purse, some dried flowers, a little lamp…very odd. Tonight I am heading over there to do a major cleanup. I am hoping after the cleaning and painting is done the house will begin to feel like our house and not some stranger’s home.

We are gathering all our friends and roping them into helping us move in on Saturday. The one issue is, it is miserable weather here in Montreal. Constant, depressing, mind-numbing rain. With no end in sight. The problem with that is (other than the depression) that our two trucks on Saturday are open bed pick-ups. Rain makes them pretty much unusable. Yesterday it looked like we might luck out:


But this morning I am looking at a new, less lucky forecast:


I see you sun! Trying to peak around the corner of that dark nasty looking cloud. Please, for me, could you just try a little harder and give me some solid hours sans rain? You owe me after deserting me on my last three trips to the beach. I don’t ask you for much. I live through what feels like 11 months of cold, dark winter. Just this one day, alright? I think that sounds like a more than fair deal!

Wish me luck guys! I will be back with more pictures and painting stories and hopefully be moved into the house, at least 90%, by Monday.



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