Into the single digits!


I couldn’t believe it when I opened up my iGoogle page this morning, my countdown app reading a big fat 9 days until we move! It feels like we just started looking for houses and now I am facing my last weekend in the condo! I got a little sad thinking about it, I will miss my first place, the first place I signed for a mortgage and took care of my bills all on my own, the first place I decorated in my own standards and where I learned to cook for myself and figured out that yes, I can take care of myself, thank you very much! But I know the house will have all it’s own memories, equally awesome, of OUR first place together and my first lawn and (hopefully) my first dog! I am still working on this one, as the other half seems to think it is too much responsibility right now. Pshh, I say! He always is so responsible and reasonable. We balance each other out quite nicely I think, since I would have a house filled to the brim with puppies already if I could

This weekend was a nice escape from our palace of boxes. We headed out to the cottage on the coast of Maine, and filled our days with shopping, seafood, card games and white wine. It was nice to have friends together without the real responsibilities of home. The only thing I wished was that we had nice weather – it was cold and rainy all weekend. We still went for a few walks on the beach anyway, braving the cold weather for the amazing views and that great “sea” smell.

Nothing much house related today. I bought some great things for the house, but that will be another post with lots of pictures when I get myself together, maybe tomorrow. This weekend will be full of packing and running last minute errands, bank, home depot etc. Also recruiting some help for our move next weekend! I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I say that.

Hope you all had a nice long weekend (for my Canadian friends). More soon!

– C

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