Etsy Friday Special Edition – Buy Local


I saw this posted on a few blogs this week, and I think it is such an important issue and a really great idea on how we can give back to our own communities. I know Fridays are usually my Etsy review day, but I thought I would get in the spirit of the shop local trend and do a review of a couple of great locally-owned stores in my hood – The west island area of Montreal. I know this project is based out of the US but I think it is applicable no matter where you live.


The Panier – Pointe Claire

I plan on visiting The Panier this weekend for my mother’s day shopping. It is one of those stores where you never know what you are going to find, from kitchen goods to jams to stuffed animals to books, not to mention jewelry and decorative items, they seem to carry a little bit of everything. I actually worked there when I was 17 or 18 and I loved it. Great place to spend some time wandering around in, especially since they have samples of their homemade fudge and cheeses out to try. They also deliver across Canada, at least for their well-known gift baskets.


Cooperative du Grand Orme – Ste. Anne de Bellevue

The co-op is a new endeavour in the cute little town of Ste. Anne, right on the water. They offer a wide variety of environmental alternatives, local and bulk products, books & magazines, local art and much more. Not only will you be shopping local and benefitting the economy, but you will also be helping the environment by using local products and craftsmen. Plus the store is in an adorable historic house converted into a shop. Check it out


They renovated the store along with the original owner of the house, trying to retain as much of the original character of the house as possible. It has lots of charm and is so much fun to browse around in. I highly recommend a visit.

There are lots of other great stores in the little villages around the West Island, not to mention downtown! Do some exploring and I am sure you will find all kinds of great treasures. Have a great weekend everyone!

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