Rainy Day Blues

It is finally here! My countdown is flashing a big zero and as of 3pm today I am free to move into the new house! We went over last night to do a preliminary visit. It was a little strange walking around the house all empty, seeing the refuse left over by the previous owner. So strange what people leave behind. We have lots of paint, tools, even a purse, some dried flowers, a little lamp…very odd. Tonight I am heading over there to do a major cleanup. I am hoping after the cleaning and painting is done the house will begin to feel like our house and not some stranger’s home.

We are gathering all our friends and roping them into helping us move in on Saturday. The one issue is, it is miserable weather here in Montreal. Constant, depressing, mind-numbing rain. With no end in sight. The problem with that is (other than the depression) that our two trucks on Saturday are open bed pick-ups. Rain makes them pretty much unusable. Yesterday it looked like we might luck out:


But this morning I am looking at a new, less lucky forecast:


I see you sun! Trying to peak around the corner of that dark nasty looking cloud. Please, for me, could you just try a little harder and give me some solid hours sans rain? You owe me after deserting me on my last three trips to the beach. I don’t ask you for much. I live through what feels like 11 months of cold, dark winter. Just this one day, alright? I think that sounds like a more than fair deal!

Wish me luck guys! I will be back with more pictures and painting stories and hopefully be moved into the house, at least 90%, by Monday.




Plans for the Master Bedroom

I am still working on my plans for the master bedroom, and more specifically for the bed linens. I still haven’t purchased a duvet cover. I am thinking now about keeping my plain white one and accessorizing to bring the colors in. This is what I have currently


Plain white bedspread/duvet/sheets


I just ordered this Civil War Woolrich blanket from Amazon, should arrive next week. I am hoping it is as comfy as it looks! It will be placed at the end of the bed.


I also have a yellow pillow that I got from Target. Not this pillow though, but I couldn’t find the real one on the Target site. The one I bought is silk with a white pattern and much nicer than this one, in my opinion. But this gives you the idea.

I still think I need some more grey in the mix. Here are some other duvet options from Ikea:


This was a choice of mine originally. Still up there on my list, but I haven’t seen it in person yet.


This is a little more subtle. There is a slight pattern of grey which  might be a nice hint, but I feel like I need something more bold. Ah, I don’t know. I guess I will have to wait and see what it looks like all together!

In other news, we sign for the house tonight! Officially the house will be ours, and we take possession on Thursday. Only two more days before the fun ca

Etsy Friday’s – Moving Announcements

I can’t believe Friday is here already. I am trying to quell the panic about the move by browsing through Etsy. I am thinking about sending out a moving announcement, maybe to coincide with an invite to our housewarming party. Although at this rate the party won’t be held until June 2012, but a girl can dream. I do a little bit of designing in my spare time (check out my etsy store, sadly neglected these days but due for an update soon) and I am searching for inspiration. Here are some of my favorites, pulled from the talented sellers on Etsy. I think I may just end up ordering one of these, they are so beautiful! I wish I could afford them all.


We’re Moving Postcards by productsuperior (16$ for 8, 2$ each)

Oh letterpress. How I love thee. These cards are so cool, and have a nice masculine touch to counteract all the prints I keep buying for our house that involve the word love in some capacity. Sean would appreciate it, I am sure. It also contains my other fetish, text as graphics! Oh, text. And letterpress. All I need in my life.


Moving Announcements by greencard (40$ for 25, 1.60$ each)

Even more text! Even though this isn’t letterpress, it still does something for me. I like the humour in it, and it sounds very much like the emails I send out to my friends a million times a day. I like the idea of having something funny to send out. Plus I love the yellow envelopes with the simple white paper. Yellow is my new current thing, I got an amazing pillow at Target which I can’t wait to put up in my bedroom. Tangent, sorry. I really do love these announcements but I would need to think about what I would want to say that would fit our situation, and we all know how un-funny I can be when I am trying (see: this blog).


We’ve Moved Postcards by Ruff House Art (15$ for 12, 1.25$ each)

These postcards pretty much sum up my life right now. Boxes. Lots and lots of moving boxes. They just seem so appropriate (and the most economical). They also have that green/recycled vibe going on which we love so much. I think they are pretty creative and would stand out in the mail. However, I can picture my mother calling to ask why I left the tape on the postcard.


We’ve Moved Car Cards by Colorbutton(17$ for 12, 1.42$ each)

I love the car graphic on these cards. I also love the grey and yellow color combo. They are pretty affordable and come in any color you would like. I love these, but I am not sure if they really sit our style. But I think they would be great for lots of other movers out there!


Change of Address Photo Cards by b.originals (35$ for 25, 1.40$ each)

And now for something completely different – a photo card. This looks a little “save the date”-ish for me, but I still love it. I have a really cute picture of us from the beach that would be perfect for something like this. I just don’t know if it is a bit too much for the purposes of our move. What do you think?

I am going to keep trying to design something myself, but these options are just so amazing that I may end up ordering one..or two…if we can find space in the budget. What do you guys think? Is this a waste of money, or a nice way to welcome friends to our new house?

Hope you all get some sun this weekend. I will be trapped in a house of boxes and packing tape.


Into the single digits!


I couldn’t believe it when I opened up my iGoogle page this morning, my countdown app reading a big fat 9 days until we move! It feels like we just started looking for houses and now I am facing my last weekend in the condo! I got a little sad thinking about it, I will miss my first place, the first place I signed for a mortgage and took care of my bills all on my own, the first place I decorated in my own standards and where I learned to cook for myself and figured out that yes, I can take care of myself, thank you very much! But I know the house will have all it’s own memories, equally awesome, of OUR first place together and my first lawn and (hopefully) my first dog! I am still working on this one, as the other half seems to think it is too much responsibility right now. Pshh, I say! He always is so responsible and reasonable. We balance each other out quite nicely I think, since I would have a house filled to the brim with puppies already if I could

This weekend was a nice escape from our palace of boxes. We headed out to the cottage on the coast of Maine, and filled our days with shopping, seafood, card games and white wine. It was nice to have friends together without the real responsibilities of home. The only thing I wished was that we had nice weather – it was cold and rainy all weekend. We still went for a few walks on the beach anyway, braving the cold weather for the amazing views and that great “sea” smell.

Nothing much house related today. I bought some great things for the house, but that will be another post with lots of pictures when I get myself together, maybe tomorrow. This weekend will be full of packing and running last minute errands, bank, home depot etc. Also recruiting some help for our move next weekend! I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I say that.

Hope you all had a nice long weekend (for my Canadian friends). More soon!

– C

Boxes and Business Trips


Hello friends

Time just seems to be flying by at such a crazy rate. I saw today on my Google homepage countdown box that we are down to 23 days before the big move. I am leaving on a business trip to Calgary tomorrow morning and I come home on Sunday, which means we will be out of the 20s and into the teens at that point. I am trying not to flip out in the meantime, as there is nothing I can do about it while I am on the other side of the country. I am hoping Sean feels some motivation by being left to  his own devices for 5 whole days (he is quite excited about not having to fight me for blankets for a few days at least) and he will start packing up some stuff.

I went through a blitz of packing and moving this weekend. I moved out our dining room table, which found a new home with a friend of mine as we have a beautiful wood antique table waiting for us in my parents garage. Also now joining the table in their garage are all the other boxes that I had already packed. I promptly filled up all this empty space with more and more and more boxes. The kitchen is now empty except for the essentials, food and regularly-used dishes and glasses. Ditto for the bathroom. All the DVDs (except for SImpsons and Entourage for Sean), books, and board games are packed up. And yet we still seem to have a ton of stuff hanging around. Clothes will have to wait for the last week, as who knows what I will want to wear in the next 23 days. I am not that organized!

I am now going through all the paperwork and phonecalls to make this actually happen. I have been on the phone with my insurance guy, my notary, our real estate agent and the current owner all multiple times in the last two days. If I can give you a piece of advice, only buy a house once in your life and then stay there FOREVER. That is my plan, I never want to move again. Good thing I am in love with this house! I have no pictures or interesting links because I am in a panic meltdown but soon we will be moved in and we can get to the fun part of painting and organizing and nesting.

The top picture is the place I am dreaming about, and will be visiting in two weeks time. I can’t wait to take a breather from work and packing and boxes at the beach for a weekend.

Talk to you soon.


Etsy Friday Special Edition – Buy Local


I saw this posted on a few blogs this week, and I think it is such an important issue and a really great idea on how we can give back to our own communities. I know Fridays are usually my Etsy review day, but I thought I would get in the spirit of the shop local trend and do a review of a couple of great locally-owned stores in my hood – The west island area of Montreal. I know this project is based out of the US but I think it is applicable no matter where you live.


The Panier – Pointe Claire

I plan on visiting The Panier this weekend for my mother’s day shopping. It is one of those stores where you never know what you are going to find, from kitchen goods to jams to stuffed animals to books, not to mention jewelry and decorative items, they seem to carry a little bit of everything. I actually worked there when I was 17 or 18 and I loved it. Great place to spend some time wandering around in, especially since they have samples of their homemade fudge and cheeses out to try. They also deliver across Canada, at least for their well-known gift baskets.


Cooperative du Grand Orme – Ste. Anne de Bellevue

The co-op is a new endeavour in the cute little town of Ste. Anne, right on the water. They offer a wide variety of environmental alternatives, local and bulk products, books & magazines, local art and much more. Not only will you be shopping local and benefitting the economy, but you will also be helping the environment by using local products and craftsmen. Plus the store is in an adorable historic house converted into a shop. Check it out


They renovated the store along with the original owner of the house, trying to retain as much of the original character of the house as possible. It has lots of charm and is so much fun to browse around in. I highly recommend a visit.

There are lots of other great stores in the little villages around the West Island, not to mention downtown! Do some exploring and I am sure you will find all kinds of great treasures. Have a great weekend everyone!