29 days and counting


I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. Less than 30 days until we take possession of the new house. I know it is going to be here in a flash, and I feel like we still have a TON of stuff to do.

Lots of packing has been happening around the house. It is crazy how much more space our things take up when they are packed in boxes rather than tucked away in shelves and drawers. The condo feels like a disaster zone and I am finding it more and more stressful to be there. Luckily we won’t be around much this month, two trips planned already which leaves us only two more weekends to get all our stuff boxed up and ready to go. Also, we still haven’t picked paint colors! I’ll add that to this weekend’s to do list.

Admittedly, I slacked off a lot this weekend past. It was the most beautiful day on Saturday and I spent the whole afternoon down by the water soaking up the sun with my friend. Then Sunday I went to see the Cirque du Soleil show, OVO, with my sister! Which was amazing as usual, they never dissapoint.


So, nothing too home-related to share with you guys today, but I wanted to try and quell my panic attack a little by accomplishing SOMETHING, so a blog post it is. Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed our spring weather!

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