Etsy Friday – Garden Edition

In honor of Earth Day, I have been doing a lot of thinking about how I can live my life a little more green. We do little things in the house already, recycling, natural cleaning products, shorter showers and keeping only the essential utilities plugged in regularly – but when we move into the house our footprint will naturally become a lot larger. In order to help out a bit, plus because I love the idea of a garden, we have been thinking about ways that we can incorporate more plant life into our new home. Right now we are starting small, by planning a herb and vegetable garden that will start off inside and then hopefully make the transition to our new yard. I was surfing through Etsy today and there are lots of great items for our blossoming garden (sorry, couldn’t resist). Check them out!

Herb Garden Plant Markers – NinaGibsonDesigns – I love these pretty metal markers, and you can customize them to say whatever plants you plan on growing. I think they would be so great on our window sill in the kitchen.


Indoor Citrus Tree Kit – SevenAcreWood – I love the idea of growing a citrus tree indoors. The lemon smell would be amazing, and help us to reduce our footprint by growing something edible. Plus, it is adorable!


Large Red Flowerpot with Chalkboard – moxiesisters – We eat a TON of tomatoes in our house, and that is one of the first plants we plan on planting, both cherry and regular variety. I love the bright red pot and the idea of customizing it to your needs. It is available in lots of other colors also.


Baby Moss Terrarium – WarmCountryMeadows – I have seen a lot of terrariums on the blogs lately, and I am so charmed by them. I love all the tiny pots and the textures of the moss is just beautiful. I also love the low maintenance aspect, since my thumb can barely be put in the same category as green.


And I couldn’t resist throwing in some lovely paper goods, use these to send off a note inviting all your friends to come over to enjoy the fruits (or should I say veggies?) of your garden, along with the views!

Little Green Watering Can Printable Stationary – styleanddesign


Hope you all have a nice weekend! The weather here in MOntreal is supposed to be beautiful, warm and sunny, so I am hoping to soak up some sun and get some more packing done! I also am going to see the new Cirque du Soleil show, OVO, on Sunday night with my sister and I can’t wait. They always put on the most amazing show and it is nice to spend some quality time with my sister after the rush of finals at school. Happy weekend everyone!


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