Great Giveaways!

I love photo books, and have been slowly compiling a file full of memorable images from the last year to document 2008. I used to do the whole scrapbooking thing, but since we became two people in a 500 square foot apartment the space dedicated to scrapbook supplies has been taking over by hockey equipment and baseball hats. So, I have thought about going digital, and creating a photo book of our memories. Much less mess and effort and prettier to look at (I was never much of a scrapbooker). Lucky for me (and you) two great blogs are having photo book giveaways.

The fantastic do it yourself website, iDIY, is giving away a 40$ book from MyPublisher – comment to win here!


And the always amazing Pioneer Woman is giving away 5 books to 50 people!! That’s right, 50! From – but only until midnight tonight. Check out the details here.


Go and enter these amazing contests – give your photos the spotlight they deserve! Or scan in other things – restaurant receipts, love notes, ticket stubs, you name it!!

One thought on “Great Giveaways!

  1. do you remember the apollo earrings giveaway from leah sakellarides on joanna’s blog a few weeks ago?! well leah is giving away another beautiful piece this week on my blog, macaroni club! she is so talented, and so sweet to do this! i’d like to invite you to come visit macaroni club, and if you like this piece of leah’s, sign up to win it!
    xo… sarah

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