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I am having a bit of a dilemma. In our current place, the bedroom is painted a taupey brown, and my bed linens are white and dark chocolate color. I love them, but they aren’t in the plans for the new place. I am hoping to paint the new bedroom grey, with some hints of yellow. I am looking for a change, and I want to relegate the brown bedding to our guestroom. So, I figured the first step would be to find a duvet cover that I loved, and then I could pull the grey and yellow shades out of that. This is turning out to be more difficult than I had anticipated. I am seriously considering going to some fabric stores and making my own cover. Let’s just ignore the fact that I haven’t used a sewing machine since high school home ec class, where I made a pair of lopsided, oversized boxer shorts. So, not really a pro.

I have some options. Although none to promising – either they don’t deliver here, out of stock, or out of my price range.

The first couple of options have the combination of grey/black and a yellow color all together on the bedspread.

Dwell Orbit Comforter – Target (100$) – the issue here is that they don’t ship to Canada. And it is not available in the store. So, kind of a dead end, unless i can get it shipped to the vacation house in Maine while someone is there to receive it. Also I am not sure if the yellow is too green. It is so hard to tell online! I am an ‘in person’ kind of girl.


Collage Charcoal Bed Set – Dwell (570$ on sale) – more from Dwell, and I love the style, but the color is more of a mustard and less of a yellow than I was hoping for. Also, even on sale I can never afford this type of luxury.


If I don’t go with the combo of both colors on the spread itself, I can always choose a base of grey or yellow and then accent it with some quilts or coverlets and pillows.

Ecosphere Oak Duvet Cover – Bed, Bath and Beyond (100$) – I like this option. Also, it is eco-friendly bedding, so that is a plus. The price is more reasonable. This one is a contender.


Dwell Studio for Target Khaki Leaves – Target (80$) – I like the style of this one but although it looks pretty grey in the photo, I think that it is too brown for what I want (the khaki in the title makes me hesitate)


Unni Slinga – Ikea (20$) Ok, I love this one from Ikea. and it is 20$? How is that possible? I am worried the quality will be really low, for that price, but one of my old duvet covers was from Ikea and I loved it. This one will definitely be checked out on my next trip!


Matine Toile Duvet Cover – Pottery Barn (150$) – The yellows. I like this one, but I think it might be a bit too much of the bright cheery yellow. I am trying to picture it with a super thick, dark grey throw over the bottom and white sheets. It could work.


Tillinghast Duvet Cover – Ruby Green (169$) – I like the yellow here, but again I worry about it being too much. I really wanted to keep the yellow as an accent. But I figure if I can switch out the pillow cases and bring in that dark grey and white, it might work also. Although it is more expensive and the shipping would cost me (if they even ship to Canada, which seems to be too difficult for most companies! Not that I am bitter…no…not at all)


Basically, I am still at square one. I will be heading to Maine on Victoria Day weekend and hopefully will be able to find something. If not, off to the fabric store I go! I have a vision of large stripes of charcoal, grey and white with a band of yellow here and there. Sounds great, right? But unlikely. I will have to continue my search in the meantime!!

3 thoughts on “Duvet Covers

    • Hi Tiffany – thanks for the comment. No, I did not succeed! I ended up going with an all white duvet and I bough a dark grey blanket from Amazon. You can see what it looks like here. If you have any great suggestions, please post them! I am still keeping my eyes open for that elusive grey/yellow/white duvet.

  1. Blissliving Home Ashley Duvet sets has a grey, white and yellow bed set that might be great for you. If you google it, it should come up for you. I’ve been looking for the same thing…

    Another option is from Dwellstudio and I believe it’s called “chinoiserie” or something like that. Basically, it’s a white background with birds on it, but the birds are mostly grey with some of that mustard-y yellow thrown in there.

    Good luck!

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