Guess what arrived!


Guess what came in the mail on Friday! Yep, my very own bittersugar print. I am so excited, I immediately opened it and put it in my 9$ frame that I had bought last week at Winners just for this occasion.


Doesn’t it look beautiful?? I can’t wait to hang it up in the new house. It makes me sad to have all of these works of art sitting in a bag in my bedroom while they wait for the move, but they will be in their new home soon enough – 36 days!! Crazy!!


While I was taking the pictures my cat Shadow showed up to investigate, and while she looks quite vicious in this picture she is actually meowing at me in a friendly way, I promise. She is just my little Halloween cat and her sweetness doesn’t really translate into photos. But trust me, she is tiny and adorable. And clearly approved of my framing job!

In other news, packing has begun in earnest in our house, and the pile of boxes by the patio door is slowly growing. I think I need to learn how not to over load a box, since all of the ones so far feel like they way 400 pounds each. At least some progress is being made, since I have two trips planned in the next 5 weeks and that doesn’t leave too much time for packing! I can’t wait to be in the house (have I said that before??), this weekend is supposed to be 25 degrees here and sunny, for once, and I wish I was in the new place, sitting by the pool while Sean fires up the BBQ for dinner.

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