The Scary Feeling of Settling Down

I just watched this trailer for Away We Go (with Jim!) and it brought up all those nagging feelings I have been experiencing since we bought the house. Settling down is scary! We are young, relatively – only 26. I have lived in Montreal my whole life. I have been to Europe once, only France though and only for a couple of weeks. I have a list of places I want to visit and none of them are being scratched off any time soon. I worry that buying this house is costing us that freedom that young people have. We don’t have any kids right now. We have minimal debt. Our jobs, although they are good, aren’t necessarily our lifetime careers. This is the time in our lives where we should be taking those risks and travelling, no? And now that the house will be eating up so much of our money, it seems like we may never get to backpack across Europe, or go and work at a bar on a beach in Australia, or visit Ireland and see where our ancestors came from. A house is all I have wanted, and we have talked about, for so long…but. A rather important but. What are we giving up to get this? Is there a way we can do both? That is what I am counting on. By buying this house early and working hard to get the bills under control, maybe we will be in a better position to do all those other things in a few years time. Alright, we probably won’t be able to spend 6 months wandering through Europe. But we can take a few weeks, and start working down our list one place at a time, one experience at a time. But this movie sure tugs at a few of those doubts.

2 thoughts on “The Scary Feeling of Settling Down

  1. I can’t really tell you if you are making the right decision or not but I will say I bought my first house well before I was 26 and it was a very good decision. The nerves you are feeling are normal – who wouldn’t feel that way when talking about a lot of money and obligation? But I think its worth it and I hope you agree.

  2. I was 26 when we bought our first place, and it was THE best decision for us. It made us prioritize and we actually even paid off our credit cards, even while having a mortgage! Each peron’s different, but I can tell you that for us, buying a house really made us grow up and be financially responsible. And we’re in a better place now for it. It’s natural to feel apprehensive though! It’s a big leap.

    BTW, I found these Eames era chairs on ebay for $95/chair!!!! I don’t know if they can ship to your area but worth a peek.

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