29 days and counting


I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. Less than 30 days until we take possession of the new house. I know it is going to be here in a flash, and I feel like we still have a TON of stuff to do.

Lots of packing has been happening around the house. It is crazy how much more space our things take up when they are packed in boxes rather than tucked away in shelves and drawers. The condo feels like a disaster zone and I am finding it more and more stressful to be there. Luckily we won’t be around much this month, two trips planned already which leaves us only two more weekends to get all our stuff boxed up and ready to go. Also, we still haven’t picked paint colors! I’ll add that to this weekend’s to do list.

Admittedly, I slacked off a lot this weekend past. It was the most beautiful day on Saturday and I spent the whole afternoon down by the water soaking up the sun with my friend. Then Sunday I went to see the Cirque du Soleil show, OVO, with my sister! Which was amazing as usual, they never dissapoint.


So, nothing too home-related to share with you guys today, but I wanted to try and quell my panic attack a little by accomplishing SOMETHING, so a blog post it is. Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed our spring weather!


Etsy Friday – Garden Edition

In honor of Earth Day, I have been doing a lot of thinking about how I can live my life a little more green. We do little things in the house already, recycling, natural cleaning products, shorter showers and keeping only the essential utilities plugged in regularly – but when we move into the house our footprint will naturally become a lot larger. In order to help out a bit, plus because I love the idea of a garden, we have been thinking about ways that we can incorporate more plant life into our new home. Right now we are starting small, by planning a herb and vegetable garden that will start off inside and then hopefully make the transition to our new yard. I was surfing through Etsy today and there are lots of great items for our blossoming garden (sorry, couldn’t resist). Check them out!

Herb Garden Plant Markers – NinaGibsonDesigns – I love these pretty metal markers, and you can customize them to say whatever plants you plan on growing. I think they would be so great on our window sill in the kitchen.


Indoor Citrus Tree Kit – SevenAcreWood – I love the idea of growing a citrus tree indoors. The lemon smell would be amazing, and help us to reduce our footprint by growing something edible. Plus, it is adorable!


Large Red Flowerpot with Chalkboard – moxiesisters – We eat a TON of tomatoes in our house, and that is one of the first plants we plan on planting, both cherry and regular variety. I love the bright red pot and the idea of customizing it to your needs. It is available in lots of other colors also.


Baby Moss Terrarium – WarmCountryMeadows – I have seen a lot of terrariums on the blogs lately, and I am so charmed by them. I love all the tiny pots and the textures of the moss is just beautiful. I also love the low maintenance aspect, since my thumb can barely be put in the same category as green.


And I couldn’t resist throwing in some lovely paper goods, use these to send off a note inviting all your friends to come over to enjoy the fruits (or should I say veggies?) of your garden, along with the views!

Little Green Watering Can Printable Stationary – styleanddesign


Hope you all have a nice weekend! The weather here in MOntreal is supposed to be beautiful, warm and sunny, so I am hoping to soak up some sun and get some more packing done! I also am going to see the new Cirque du Soleil show, OVO, on Sunday night with my sister and I can’t wait. They always put on the most amazing show and it is nice to spend some quality time with my sister after the rush of finals at school. Happy weekend everyone!


Great Giveaways!

I love photo books, and have been slowly compiling a file full of memorable images from the last year to document 2008. I used to do the whole scrapbooking thing, but since we became two people in a 500 square foot apartment the space dedicated to scrapbook supplies has been taking over by hockey equipment and baseball hats. So, I have thought about going digital, and creating a photo book of our memories. Much less mess and effort and prettier to look at (I was never much of a scrapbooker). Lucky for me (and you) two great blogs are having photo book giveaways.

The fantastic do it yourself website, iDIY, is giving away a 40$ book from MyPublisher – comment to win here!


And the always amazing Pioneer Woman is giving away 5 books to 50 people!! That’s right, 50! From Snapfish.com – but only until midnight tonight. Check out the details here.


Go and enter these amazing contests – give your photos the spotlight they deserve! Or scan in other things – restaurant receipts, love notes, ticket stubs, you name it!!

Duvet Covers

I am having a bit of a dilemma. In our current place, the bedroom is painted a taupey brown, and my bed linens are white and dark chocolate color. I love them, but they aren’t in the plans for the new place. I am hoping to paint the new bedroom grey, with some hints of yellow. I am looking for a change, and I want to relegate the brown bedding to our guestroom. So, I figured the first step would be to find a duvet cover that I loved, and then I could pull the grey and yellow shades out of that. This is turning out to be more difficult than I had anticipated. I am seriously considering going to some fabric stores and making my own cover. Let’s just ignore the fact that I haven’t used a sewing machine since high school home ec class, where I made a pair of lopsided, oversized boxer shorts. So, not really a pro.

I have some options. Although none to promising – either they don’t deliver here, out of stock, or out of my price range.

The first couple of options have the combination of grey/black and a yellow color all together on the bedspread.

Dwell Orbit Comforter – Target (100$) – the issue here is that they don’t ship to Canada. And it is not available in the store. So, kind of a dead end, unless i can get it shipped to the vacation house in Maine while someone is there to receive it. Also I am not sure if the yellow is too green. It is so hard to tell online! I am an ‘in person’ kind of girl.


Collage Charcoal Bed Set – Dwell (570$ on sale) – more from Dwell, and I love the style, but the color is more of a mustard and less of a yellow than I was hoping for. Also, even on sale I can never afford this type of luxury.


If I don’t go with the combo of both colors on the spread itself, I can always choose a base of grey or yellow and then accent it with some quilts or coverlets and pillows.

Ecosphere Oak Duvet Cover – Bed, Bath and Beyond (100$) – I like this option. Also, it is eco-friendly bedding, so that is a plus. The price is more reasonable. This one is a contender.


Dwell Studio for Target Khaki Leaves – Target (80$) – I like the style of this one but although it looks pretty grey in the photo, I think that it is too brown for what I want (the khaki in the title makes me hesitate)


Unni Slinga – Ikea (20$) Ok, I love this one from Ikea. and it is 20$? How is that possible? I am worried the quality will be really low, for that price, but one of my old duvet covers was from Ikea and I loved it. This one will definitely be checked out on my next trip!


Matine Toile Duvet Cover – Pottery Barn (150$) – The yellows. I like this one, but I think it might be a bit too much of the bright cheery yellow. I am trying to picture it with a super thick, dark grey throw over the bottom and white sheets. It could work.


Tillinghast Duvet Cover – Ruby Green (169$) – I like the yellow here, but again I worry about it being too much. I really wanted to keep the yellow as an accent. But I figure if I can switch out the pillow cases and bring in that dark grey and white, it might work also. Although it is more expensive and the shipping would cost me (if they even ship to Canada, which seems to be too difficult for most companies! Not that I am bitter…no…not at all)


Basically, I am still at square one. I will be heading to Maine on Victoria Day weekend and hopefully will be able to find something. If not, off to the fabric store I go! I have a vision of large stripes of charcoal, grey and white with a band of yellow here and there. Sounds great, right? But unlikely. I will have to continue my search in the meantime!!

Guess what arrived!


Guess what came in the mail on Friday! Yep, my very own bittersugar print. I am so excited, I immediately opened it and put it in my 9$ frame that I had bought last week at Winners just for this occasion.


Doesn’t it look beautiful?? I can’t wait to hang it up in the new house. It makes me sad to have all of these works of art sitting in a bag in my bedroom while they wait for the move, but they will be in their new home soon enough – 36 days!! Crazy!!


While I was taking the pictures my cat Shadow showed up to investigate, and while she looks quite vicious in this picture she is actually meowing at me in a friendly way, I promise. She is just my little Halloween cat and her sweetness doesn’t really translate into photos. But trust me, she is tiny and adorable. And clearly approved of my framing job!

In other news, packing has begun in earnest in our house, and the pile of boxes by the patio door is slowly growing. I think I need to learn how not to over load a box, since all of the ones so far feel like they way 400 pounds each. At least some progress is being made, since I have two trips planned in the next 5 weeks and that doesn’t leave too much time for packing! I can’t wait to be in the house (have I said that before??), this weekend is supposed to be 25 degrees here and sunny, for once, and I wish I was in the new place, sitting by the pool while Sean fires up the BBQ for dinner.

The Office

Today I did a lot of blog reading, and I am feeling might inadequate with my writing skills right now. I went through the archives of a couple of amazing blogs that actually made me experience strong emotions – I had to hold back from laughing out loud in my office, and I teared up more than once and did the wide-eyed no-blink look-at-the-ceiling thing for a while.

First, thanks to a recommendation from Google reader (who apparently knows me very well), I ended up at …and hijinx ensued. The blog is written by Princess Pointful, and I may be the last one to realize this, but she is amazing. Seriously, such a talented and expressive writer. It was very intimidating, but in a good way. I also enjoyed the Canadiana references (wooooot Neo Citron!!) and the grad school rants, I can relate to that. And I am only doing my master’s – PHD is a far way off for this girl.

Second, I started reading Mindy Kaling’s blog things I bought that I loved. She is better known in our house as Kelly Kapoor, from The Office. I didn’t know she was also¬† a writer and producer, but it just makes me love her even more. AND she is HILARIOUS. Like, really really hilarious.¬† Although she is understandably busy and doesn’t update a whole lot, the archives were well worth a look.

So that had me thinking about MY office (sorry for the bad segue- please don’t compare me to these ladies) and what the heck I am going to do with it once we move in. I am drawing a complete blank here. Seriously, it will probably end up being white. Not that that isn’t totally cool when it is well executed, but I don’t know if I have the talent to pull it off.

Here is a crappy picture of the current space


The current owner is using it as an office also, minus the clothes strewn everywhere in this picture. The closet in the office is the access to the attic, so our building inspector had pulled all the clothes out so he could go up (only to discover potentially asbestos-filled insulation). I was too busy having a panic attack about the insulation that I didn’t put a lot of thought into taking good pictures of the space. I know the yellow has to go. The shades are staying, the are nice Ikea Isdans in pretty good shape, and neutral enough to work with whatever we want to do. Also, they are free, so score!!

I like the idea of all white, but I am worried that it might be too much because of the shape of the room. Would we lose the architectural lines? It was one of the first things I loved about this house. I was thinking maybe Kelly Green also, or carrying the grey in here from the master bedroom across the hall. I am in need of some inspiration. Nothing is jumping out at me! I guess I will just go back to reading blogs and feeling bad about lack of hyperbole.


Easter Weekend

Hello friends! I hope you all had a great long weekend, hopefully with some time off from work to enjoy the spring weather and eat some delicious easter food and treats!

My weekend was good, I was feeling a little under the weather on Thursday so I worked from home, and then we spent Friday looking at fridges. It was surprisingly fun – I think we are leaning towards either a Samsung or an LG bottom freezer model. The rest of the weekend was occupied with studying for my research methods exam which is next Saturday.

Sunday we went to my parent’s house for dinner and had some delicious ham and scalloped potatoes – my favourite. We also had a easter egg hunt with me, Sean and my two sisters – Sean and I came in dead last, despite having gotten to the house early and scoped out all the hiding places. I guess we are just too slow!

I spent all day yesterday at Starbucks, feeling very cliche with my macbook and Blackberry, but I managed to get some good work done.


I stopped at the outlets on the way home from Starbucks, since we needed some bubble wrap to start packing. After picking that up at the office supply store, I went into Winners and got some new pillow cases and a cute frame for the print I just ordered (I ended up getting the revolver with the heart print from Bittersugar that I talked about in my post a little while ago). Then I wandered into a new store next to Winners, called Bouclair Maison. It is all decorating and accesorizing stuff for the home, they had a lot of really cute lamps and curtains, I particularly liked this one – I think it might be perfect for the bedside tables, but I am going to have to wait and see what paint color we end up choosing.


Then last night after finishing up my studying I took a break to watch some of Big Love season 1, my newest Amazon purchase, and enjoy the Lindt white chocolate bunny! Overall a great weekend. Hope you all had a good one also!