Waiting….58 days to go

Not too much to update on today, unfortunately. We are caught in that limbo where it is too early to pack or to buy new furniture, yet I feel like we should be doing SOMETHING at least to make productive use of our time or else we are going to be making a mad dash at the last minute.

I am trying to hold back from ordering some repro of the Eames chairs for the kitchen. I just can’t believe that ONE chair can cost 130$! And that is for the reproduction! I think we may just end up sitting on cardboard boxes unless something pops up on Craigslist in the next two months. Or else I will just need to find a way to be able to justify spending my tax refund on dining room chairs…we will see.


I am not sure where that picture came from, so if anyone knows the source (if anyone is even reading this!) feel free to let me know and I will give credit. This is how I picture the dining area looking, since I have an old antique wood table that my parents are storing for me. Isn’t it beautiful? sigh.

I guess I should also stop reading the design blogs. Yes, I do need a subway tile backsplash! Where can I get one of those overhanging floor lamps? Sadly I can’t afford ANY of what they show so it is probably just masochism on my part.

I am trying to figure out what color I should paint the office. Something bold, like Mrs. Limestone? Or go for the simple white room like Door 16?

Sorry for the rambling post. Time is flying yet dragging by, if you know what I mean. I will try and be more meaningful next time.

One thought on “Waiting….58 days to go

  1. Hi Christine! Thanks for dropping by my blog =)

    Ohhhh, Eames chairs (Eames era ANYTHING) just make my heart palpitate!! I love these white ones. I’ll be on the lookout for friendlier on the wallet options for ya!

    I adore MrsL’s turquoise office, but I do think a crisp white office allows you to go bold w/ accessories and such. If you’re anything like me, I change my mind weekly about decor!

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