Inspiration – Bedside Tables

Since the days are ticking by slowly towards the big moving day, I have been using the house as an excuse to submerse myself in the design blogs that I love so much, but have never had much room to actually put their advice to use, living in a 500 sq ft condo. So, I am slowly trying to stockpile some great ideas so that we don’t just end up ikea-ing the entire house (not that there is anything wrong with that) and living in shambles, when there is so much possibility.

Our budget is slightly, ok very, limiting and so I am thinking we are going to do a lot of Craigslist shopping and thrifting in order to furnish the house. I know we are going to need two bedside tables, and I found a few that I loved when going through the blogs. I love the idea of getting an old antique cabinet and painting it white, cleaning it up and giving it new life. My father, who is an antiques dealer, might not love the idea of me painting over wood, but what can you do!

Here they are:

White nightstand
Source: Little Green Notebook

I love the little doors on this one, but it is a little shorter than I am thinking since our bed is so high. I would need it to be maybe a foot taller than this

Green Nightstands

Source: Design*Sponge

Although not the color I would choose, I love that these tables were converted from a desk and look so perfect on their own. I am really drawn to the tables with spindly legs. More to come!

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