77 days until moving day!

Things are moving along over here at mtlhome. We booked the home inspector, and sent all our papers off to the bank for approval. Saturday will be the make or break day, when we meet with the banker to sign the mortgage papers and then head over to the house for the inspection. I am not worried about the bank, but I am a little worried about the inspection. Our new little house was built in 1952, which is not that old in the scheme of things, but still not a spring chicken either. I am hoping that the inspector won’t uncover any issues with the big things – foundation, roof, furnace etc. We can handle the small things, but we don’t want to get into a house that will suck up all of our money in repairs. I have this image in my head of signing the papers and the real estate agent handing us the keys as the house crumbles to the ground in the background. Hopefully, this is just my paranoia and not some sort of premonition.

I am excited for Saturday, though, because it will be the first time we have been back in the house since it became “ours”, and it will be nice to see it with new eyes. We need to start thinking paint colors, furniture, window treatments and all that important (and fun!) stuff. I am going to get my mom to try and snoop around while we do the inspection so she can take some pictures, do some measurements, get some documentation of the “before” portion of the house.

I have taken to reading design blogs like it was my job (I wish!) and for some reason I am gripped with an immense desire to paint the whole house white. White, white, white. With a hint of grey. I don’t know where it came from, since my current apartment is cozy browns and taupes, but I have such a love for the crisp white walls and minimal color that I am seeing everywhere.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth bank and inspection day. Hopefully more pictures to come after Saturday!

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